Message From Founder and Chairman

Message From Founder and Chairman

Prof. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik

Lincoln Global Academy (LGA), India, is a collaborative partner with Lincoln University College (LUC), Malaysia. LUC, (Malaysia) has a hallmark of world ranking status under The Times Higher Education 301+. In Malaysia LUC has obtained 5 STAR statuses from the Ministry of Education. LUC’s (Malaysia) quality standard will directly influence LGA (India) to maintain at least same standard if not thrive higher standard. LGA will be infusion of international education delivery merge with the spirit and beliefs of Indian management system.

Vision of LGA is as Swami Vivekananda candidly mentioned “Man making education”. LGA will be focusing on character building professional education where graduates will be an entrepreneur and not be a job seeker. The LGA community believes that if a student’s character is good then his or her the money and or materialistic wealth will chase after the character. But if someone’s character is not good then money and or materialistic wealth will run away from him or her.

With this background LGA is offering dual international qualifications which are PGPM (LGA) and MBA (from Lincoln University College, Malaysia) within the span of two years. Most important feature of these two qualifications are to go through paid one-year internship and a compulsory 15 days industrial, analytical and corporate training sessions in Malaysia.

LGA’s emphasis is to create good leadership skills and strategies so that students can critically challenge the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world with innovative business ideas.

After first year in the classroom settings with various laboratory and simulations, students are sent for internship with paid for second year. The Second year is basically to train the students how to handle various stages of VUCA world.

LGA understand the current psychological status of students regarding job after PGPM and MBA. Therefore, LGA is strive to assure students’ placement which will make them to be focused and dedicated for their studies rather than worrying about their future.

LGA concentrate on ‘holistic development’ of our students in all aspects thereby enabling them to acquire the competency to deliver efficient and effective use of knowledge in practical real-life situations.

To keep a tab on the constant development of the students, regular training and learning sessions are conducted at LGA so that students can be on the right path towards an accomplished future. We welcome prospective students to be the part of our International award-winning qualifications where hidden potentials are transformed into rewarding careers.

Prof. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik, M.A., MBA, Ph.D