Unknown Facts of Ladakh

Unknown Facts of Ladakh

Ladakh is favourably famous for crystal water shining under the sun, many monks maroon-robes, snow covered mountain peaks, adventurous activities, bike ride, charming Buddhist culture and many more. But how many of us know about some of the interesting and unknown facts of Ladakh! Some of the reasons why Ladakh is the most interesting place in India:-

• Located on the Mount Saraswati, The Indian Astronomical Observatory in Ladakh possess one of the top ten highest operating telescopes in Asia at an astonishing height of over 4500m. It is India’s first robotic telescope which is located in the remote village of Hanle.

• The “Magnetic Hill” or “gravity hill” is a hill that pulls us upwards. It is located on the Srinagar-Leh Highway. It is a downhill road in which the surrounding slopes are carved out in such a way that it creates an illusion of an uphill road.

• The Bailey Bridge is the highest altitude bridge in the world, located between the meandering Dras and Suru rivers.

• Pensi La is the highest altitude agricultural field which is close to Tso Moriri Lake of Korzok region which stands at 4.600m above sea level.

• The rare twin-humped Bactrian camel safari is a common activity in the Nubra Valley.

• Surprisingly, the response to the conch call, as many as 120 lamas gathers everyday at the Karsha Monastery at lunch.

• Generally saline water sources do not usually freeze during winter. Pangong Lake, located at4,350m and it is the world’s highest located salt water lake. It freezes during winter. Interestingly and beautifully, the colour of the lake changes with the position of the sun. In morning, it becomes sky blue, green in the afternoon and red by evening.

• The Karzoo Ice Hockey Rink in Ladakh is the world’s highest natural ice hockey rink.

• The magnificent village of Lamayuru, located around 130kms away from Leh replicates exactly the white surface of the moon.

• Ladakh being a cold desert, the land is the inhabitants of around 225 birds species including Hoopoe, Robins, Finches etc.

• The rest of the world follows the Georgian calendar but Ladakhis follow the Tibetan calendar.

• Kung Fu is generally a male-focused martial art, but in Ladakh Kung Fu is taught to monks and nuns equally.

• The Hemis National Park in Ladakh is the highest national park in India, covering almost 4,400 square km of wildlife.

• Katpana Desert is the highest desert in the world, situated 2,226m above the mean sea level.

• Pink tea made with butter and salt is one of the traditional tea started by the monks.

• Siachin Glacier, is an Indian military base, is the world’s highest battlefield at the height of 6,000m above mean sea level.

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