Students Academic

LGA believes in holistic development of the students so our faculty create a learning environment that prepares students for success in all areas of life.

Disciplinary Regulations

Students are requested to maintain ultimate standard of behavior and discipline both inside and outside the College.

Students are required to improve and maintain consistency in their performance in the examinations in order to get promotion to subsequent Semester.

They shall strictly observe the disciplinary rules framed by the Institution. Violation of which will be dealt by the Director in the manner she/he considers fit and her/his decision will be final.

No student shall enter the class or leave the class without the permission of the lecturer.

Every class in charge and academic Director keep a close watch on the students’ attendance, progress and conduct.

Irregular attendance, indifference regarding class work and examination, discourtesy towards teachers, insubordination, obscenity in word and act, willful damage to Institution property, anti-social activities etc., are liable for disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the Institution.

Institution follows a strict anti-ragging policy and any student found involved in such activities are liable for disciplinary action.

Anti–Ragging Policy

Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, during December 2007 has expressed concern over the incidents of ragging occurring in higher educational institutions and the need to eliminate it altogether.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India has taken a serious note of the incidents of ragging and is of the view that stern action should be taken against those indulging in “ragging” so that these incidents are not repeated, and exemplary punishment is meted out to those indulging in it. Strict implementation of the guidelines issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court on this issue has also been stressed by the Ministry.

Ragging is a criminal offence and lowers the standards of education. The ‘anti-ragging policy’ adopted by the Institute takes care of preventive, procedural and punitive aspects of ragging based on the guidelines provided by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, recommendations of the Raghavan Committee, instructions/guidelines issued by the Ministry of HRD (Govt. of India).

Attendance to the College functions like association meetings, College assembly, seminars, group discussions, Industrial visits, Viva Voce etc., are obligatory to all students.

Students who will stay in the hostels must keep it tidy and clean.

Without permission, students shall not organize any activities or associate with any outside group concerned with the Institution.

No meeting shall be convened, no outside person shall be invited, no publication shall be issued and no canvassing and mobilizing of the students for any particular purpose shall be made without the permission.

The Director shall have the power to expel any student from the College if the student is guilty of serious misconduct or student’s presence in the College is injurious to the order and discipline.

Late comers can enter the class only if permitted by the lecturer. They may be marked present by him/her at the end of the class only with enough reason for being late.

Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Pagers etc., not approved by the Director are not allowed to be brought to the College. Use of Mobile phones is strictly banned inside the campus.

Every student should possess an identity card issued by the College which should be produced whenever asked for specially when dealing with the office.

The Institution has developed the tradition of a homely informal atmosphere of freedom with responsibility, treating one another with love and respect. We want our students to set a very good tradition. However, we lay down some norms of general conduct.

There is nothing that can substitute for self-discipline and a serious devotion to duty, a spirit of respect and love for all that is good, noble and beautiful in life. The College expects students to keep their vision high and solicit cooperation of the parents to minimize the necessity of enforcing rules and regulations.

Students are expected to treat the Institution as their own and to cooperate in its efficient and smooth running.

Dress Code

The students shall wear Institution uniforms on all days. Approved style of wearing uniform should be strictly followed. Usual dress for boys and girls is deep navy blue trousers with white shirt and deep navy blue blazer and tie. Black shoe and black belt are compulsory for all the students. Any exemption will be notified by the authorities.

Loitering and wasting time on the College campus and canteen causes indiscipline on the College campus and that must be avoided.

Financial AID

Scholarships : The LGA management provides scholarships to meritorious students. The management has set well defined criteria for awarding scholarships. Only students who scored high grades are eligible for management scholarships. Financial aid is awarded on case by case as funds are available.

Student educational loans : The College office provides support to the students for obtaining educational loans from the Banks. The LGA management is willing to provide all support to students who want to avail loans at the time of joining for their courses.

Students HOSTEL

LGA provides hostel facility for both girls and boys. Both the hostels are near the campus and can accommodate 200 students. The students in the hostel feel a home away from home. Students seeking accommodation in any of these hostels must apply to the LGA management at the time of admission. At the beginning of the session hostel seats will be available and students are required to apply earlier for accommodation. Boarders are required to vacate the hostels during the period of vacation. In all matters of discipline and conduct, the hostel is governed by the Hostel Superintendents.

Hostel Discipline: Absence from the hostel without permission constitutes a serious offence. Any boarder attending a private tutorial, shall intimate the Superintendent.

No boarder shall interrupt or disturb another in any way in his studies.

No boarder shall change his room without prior permission of the Superintendent.

No boarder can enter hostel after 9.00pm.

Boarders should inform the Superintendent before joining or taking part in any association, or meeting outside the college.

The Superintendent at his discretion may prohibit the introduction of any objectionable reading material into the hostel.

The boarders while leaving their respective rooms before the holidays, are required to inform the Superintendent at the time of their departure and give the charge of the rooms to him.

Relatives and natural guardian of a boarder may be permitted, with previous sanction of the Superintendent, to visit the hostel.

The following are also considered as breach of discipline:

Neglect of study.

Creating disturbances to others and behaving with others in improper manners. Use of filthy and illegal languages.

To damage or using in such a manner that will cause damage of any property of the hostel and/or unnecessary use of electricity and water supply and use of electric heater, etc.

Spitting about the rooms and verandahs, writing on or disfiguring in any way the walls, doors etc. of the building, creating an unhealthy/unhygienic condition in the surroundings. Boarders should maintain proper cleanliness of their rooms and surroundings.

Entertaining friends or relation in the hostel without previous permission of the Superintendent.

Smoking, consumption or possession of any narcotics/alcohol, possession of any weapons, crackers or any other materials except the materials required for study and daily use during stay in the hostel.

Adopting to unhealthy/unhygienic way of living.

In case of any ill health of a boarder or apprehension of any danger or disturbances, the concerned boarder and co-boarders are required to report the same to the Superintendent immediately.

Misconduct of any other description.

Boarders are responsible for the furniture and equipment supplied to them and required to make good to any damage caused by them.

For breach of any of the above rules/discipline, the boarder may be fined and/or may be removed from the hostel and/or with any other punishment as the Director will deem fit.

The Superintendent is responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline in the hostel under his control, and competent to punish the boarder for breach of discipline with an intimation to the Director. The Superintendent will maintain a record of all fines to be deposited in the institute counter and other punishments awarded in register kept for the purpose. The internal management of the hostel rests entirely with the Superintendent. Director reserves the right to refuse admission or readmission of further continuance of any student in hostel as boarder/remove any or all the boarders from the Hostels for any period without assigning any reason thereof. Decision of the Director is final and binding in all respect.

Students Canteen

The LGA Canteen and meal service is to protect the students and staff from risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food. From breakfast to mid-day meal is provided in the canteen along with evening tea with snacks. The management is fully committed to keep the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all concerned.

Any kinds of indiscipline, smoking, tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Clubs & Organization

Joining a student club opens the door to building new friendships, enhancing the academic life, and exploring career opportunities.

As an active member of a student group, students learn important leadership and management skills as they participate in a variety of programs. This may include academic, cultural, arts, or social events, as well as working on various aspects of student publications, participating in sporting events, attending leadership seminars and conferences, and organizing community service projects.

Academic Clubs: Academic clubs are among the most popular on campus. They are usually based on an area of study. These clubs can be a great benefit to a student, because they allow to connect with other students in the same specialisation and often even to network with professionals from industries in which they plan to seek employment after completion.

Media & Publication Groups: The reasons for joining a media or publication club are as varied as the possibilities these types of clubs offer. A media or publication club focuses on publishing a campus newspaper, creating a blog or writing ads. Many students love graphic design, digital media, or photography. Whatever the case, they are likely to find your niche within a media or publication club in the campus.

Community Service & Social Justice: Students eager to make a difference in the campus, in the local neighborhood or city, or even around the world, a club focused on serving others might be the perfect match for them. There are community service clubs dedicated to children, seniors, underserved populations, animals, the environment, nature, and so on.

Students Sports

Students are provided with sports and games facility to maintain physical and mental fitness.

Annual table tennis and chess competitions are held in the institute ever year. Students can participate in different sports items.

Indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom etc., facilities are provided in the campus. Department wise competitions are held every year.

Revamping of sports and games in the College is being worked out, taking into consideration the existing infrastructure the same and by appointing the athletic activities of the students.